How long does it take to learn piano? – Can You Learn To Play The Piano At Home

Many piano players find it quickly enough, but it is not always a practical decision (for example, a pianist who has never before played a note on a piano should immediately learn how to tune a piano piano, because of the importance of accurate tuning).

Learning to play an instrument can take anywhere from 3 months or 1 year to 10-12 years, depending on the length of piano playing. Learning a new song can take 1-3 years; learning a new chord sequence takes a different amount of time. Learning to play an art song takes much longer—usually 5 years, but it may take longer or shorter depending on how you learn it; and how well you develop your skills!

How hard is it to learn to play? Are there any rules for learning to play music?

It can seem fairly easy at first, but it can take a lot of hard work to master some skills, and even longer to learn others. For example, it may take many months to improve your instrument or to learn how to play an instrument at a professional level. Many piano players, and even professional pianists, don’t necessarily study how to play, but instead practice, play, teach, learn, and repeat until they get it “right”. Learn to play for hours before an audition, and it will probably not be worth it. To play a great song, it’s about practice and repetition, and it’s going to take months before your skills are good enough to play in public and in concerts.

Playing an instrument takes work. It’s difficult not to be frustrated at times — whether it’s a wrong note or a wrong chord sequence, or what you can’t think of, or you can’t see why you shouldn’t be able to do the things you really want to do. You just cannot expect to have an instrument you are great at (like playing piano) be a good instrument (like singing). If they say you should have it mastered and be playing at a professional level you are going to find it incredibly frustrating. It can be very hard not to be mad and want to quit, but if you don’t quit, the frustration goes away. Just as frustrating and disappointing is when a player does not realize they need practice; you can learn a piano by doing nothing, but it can take years. So if at first it seems like nothing you do will help, take it slow and slowly and keep on listening for the right things to practice.

There is nothing wrong with learning to play

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