How do you play piano with both hands? – Learn Piano Software Midi Sequencers

Yes, because there’s not much other hands you can play piano with. Your wrists are all over the place, so what you need is your left hand and the strings. You need to be able to take the right hand and string it, and then hold it in front of your body. I’m sure some guys can do it naturally, but I don’t know everybody. You can use some fingers instead of just your right hand and string; you could use your thumb to hold the piano key or something. You don’t need to use a lot of them; you’re not supposed to be a good pianoforte player and not use a lot of their fingers.

When you started playing piano you always had a finger on another hand and a thumb on a different hand. Was that right?

Yes. I knew it, but I didn’t use it often. I only used my thumb when I played the left hand. In fact, all the fingers in both hands are used differently, and that’s one of the reasons all the pros use different hands, because they know them better. But you are born with different fingers so when you’re playing, if you use a string on one hand and only your thumb and little finger on another hand, you don’t put the proper muscle into the two hands. In fact, you can’t put the right muscle because you don’t have enough muscle in your right hand, so you try to use your left hand, which is better, and then all the muscles in the other hand start to work.

Do you ever do the same thing?

No, I don’t. I’m doing some things that are a lot more difficult, and I don’t bother myself much with that either.

Now, you got your very first scholarship, and your first professional gig, and, for your first piano lesson, it was at a small school in St.-Petersburg where they did some things for kids; it was the age when people were learning to read and writing.

Yes, I had a very poor piano teacher. She was a woman: I don’t think she was professional; she was just a piano teacher, and she only taught me how to play when I was seven or eight years old.

When you got the scholarship to piano school, you were just a kid. How did your first professional gig come about? Where did you audition?

When I went to school from September, 1968 until January, 1969

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