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How easy is it to write music? What is your level of perfection? How many keys are on the piano? The piano is not just a piano. The piano is one’s very most precious possession. When I play, when I hear a piece of music, it’s for the music itself, because there is no other way. If it wasn’t for music, I don’t know what I would do, if a friend’s dog ran away or another friend’s car got an engine flat. When my music was played, I felt joy, I didn’t feel any pain, I just felt what music is. Music can take you from the street to the top of a skyscraper, from the mountains to the sky. Music has its own life. Music is like God. He created music to bring happiness! God himself has been suffering from the evil that is music! Music has brought many joys to all of us, but the greatest joy of all has been music playing from our lives.

So, to the people who write music to entertain themselves and to make a living, let them bring up their children in the culture of music with music. It is the greatest entertainment!

Let each person teach his daughter how to play the piano. Let each one write musicals about the various parts of the human personality. Let each person read a book to his daughter or her daughter and bring them up and let them play the music. It is a great way to bring about harmony among men and women. If one person gives his daughter a piano, another person will give his daughter a piano, and the girls will find each other very amusing and it will become a huge influence in their children’s lives. Let each of us take up this great responsibility and make it a matter of life and death to keep the people of the world in a state of harmony. The world owes us all this.

Preliminary words from the first verse of the Bhagavad Gita; also, the original words:

Lord, we beg you to help us.

Who has come here with a love for this country?

Let us make a world where there is peace.

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We ask Lord, our God and Savior,

to send away the poison that is killing us.

Lord, please hear our prayers.

Lord, we also beg you to help us.

This is our request to you.

We have already seen our country.

It exists from

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