How can I learn piano for free? – Learn Piano Chords Quickly And Easily Mod Your Switch

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This is a great question, and one which I hope we get to address in future blog posts. There are several easy ways to learn to play music for free:

First, you can get a free online piano lessons program, which is similar to a regular university degree. However, I will warn you that this is very expensive. I think if you’re on a tight budget, the best bet is to stick to the free lessons at other sites such as TheCheatSheet, SoundCheats, or the free lessons offered (mostly) on YouTube.

The second option is using a free mp3 app. The most common is an iTunes or Amazon Music app. There are also free mp3 downloads available via TheChiptunesChannel or TheChiptunesOnline.

Lastly, although there are free online lessons available via YouTube, there are also many paid lessons available. There are several videos from the Piano Tutors Channel (free), (free mp3, $9.99), and (free mp3) that do a good job of teaching basic chords, scales, and melody. These types of videos are especially great for beginners.

My personal favorite is TheCheatSheet. It looks fun and has free video lessons that are organized by subject. A bonus for those on low incomes is the video of Justin Bieber’s piano accompaniment for his Song of Life.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that there is no secret magic to learning to play. It’s merely about using a great learning tool or resource.

Do you have any favorite free, easy-to-use resources around? If so, please share with us in the comments below.

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