Do I need 88 keys to learn piano?

Well, in fact, I do have a list of piano keys for practicing, which includes a number of different shapes, and is arranged according to how hard it seems to me that you think it would be. Some keys feel slightly easier to play than others, so there’s no need to rush into playing them all. Just pick a key that you like. It could be the “tender” key in the middle of the piano keyboard, but that’s not important. Just pick where you wish to start, for the most part, or start slow. But remember, if you’re a beginner, you should do this more gradually. For example, let’s look at the key of “b”. It’s a very easy key to play. For the purposes of this lesson, I played it “B” (or “B” is really just “B” here) with my right hand. So it feels very similar, but it seems harder for my right hand, just from playing it in any way. So don’t worry about the “B” key. This is just like “D” with my left hand. Just let the key “B” or “D” guide you in your playing. And for your left hand, it’s just playing the “A” key with your fingers, just without any effort at all. I also use the technique “C” instead of “C” in a similar way. If I play “G” and “C”, I feel really good doing so. But if I play “G” and “C”, my left hand is going to feel really good, too. So don’t worry about this one too much.

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So what should you do? Let’s consider the keys of “A”, “D”, and “E”. These are easy for me to play, and I do pretty well without them. I know the keys of “E” just by taste: I know how easy it’s to play. A different way of learning is to actually play the piano in this range of keys. You could start with “A”, or you could start with “D”, or you could go from “A” into “B”. You can try all the keys, and see which is easiest to learn.

There are many different things that you could do when you’re practicing these keys. I hope that this list will help you with this important part of piano playing.

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