Do I need 88 keys to learn piano? – How To Learn Piano Without A Piano Youtube Music

No, you will not need 88 keys to learn piano in a simple program. The key requirement is the number of keys your piano should have to allow a comfortable level of playing. In other words, if you play a piano on a keyboard of 20 keys, then you will need 88 to learn a simple program that includes all 20 keys.

How do I learn how to play a piano?

You can learn to play a piano by following one of a number of different methods:

Playing a Piano:

Using a Piano Keyboard

Learning a piano by Ear Training

A number of teaching programs are available. If you feel that you have a piano program, but the number of keys required to play the piano, you should consider using the learning method shown here instead, by ear:

The learning method shown below requires that all the keys and the scale are learned by ear over time, so in my mind, it is not worth the learning cost and time in order to learn a piano in a program.
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The learning method shown in the picture below requires that you learn just the 4 notes needed to play a piano: C, D, E, F. That may sound like a lot, but when you consider that each note has 6 notes (therefor you have 8 notes to learn), you can understand why it is so much easier to learn to learn piano with your ears. The keys in the second picture are to show the order in which the notes are shown.

Click to enlarge the images. This is how a basic scale should look for a beginner.

The scales shown below are for beginning piano players because you are just learning the C major scale and D major scale. If you want to practice scales later, please see my guide about how to learn to play scales over the months!

Click to enlarge the images. Cmaj 7 (7 x 4 notes) on the top; Am(7 x 5 notes) on the bottom.

This is the piano scale in C major.

Click to enlarge the images. Cmaj 4 (A#5th) on the top; Am 5 (E7th) on the bottom.

This is the piano scale in C major.

Click to enlarge the images. Cmaj 5 (A#6th) on the top; A M (A#7th) on the bottom.

This is the piano scale in C major.

Click to

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