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I’ve got that covered. What’s in a name? Well, most of the time it’s just a number. The first character is the name of the instrument that you’ll practice on. You can also play any name alphabetically. If you like you can also choose your favorite name and then you can practice that over and over until it’s completely memorized. The last character can be a nickname, like Fido or Big Sis. It can also be used as a nickname for others to call you. But, you should probably try calling it by its name. So if you like the name Fido then you can call her Fido, and if you prefer Big Sis then you can call her Big Sis.

What if I already know the name Fido? The name Fido has to have an apostrophe at the end. And that’s how it works because your fingers aren’t always on the right keys on the piano to write out an abbreviated phonetic transcription. So, if you already know Fido, and you want to practice Fido over and over again, you need 88 keys to practice on. The order is your choice: the first four keys are used during every piano playing (see picture above). For a piano of that size you could get by on just 6 keys. If you prefer a keyboard where you’d use all 8 keys, simply select a piano that has a big sound in your size. The key to memorizing pianos and the right keys for a piano is a matter of trial and error, the answer isn’t to do it “right away,” and you’d be surprised how often your hands fall a little behind by the time you’re playing your first notes. So, it’s a matter of patience, perseverance, and determination. One last thing: when it comes to the piano, it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Piano makers have their own individual approaches whether it’s a “big” or a “small” piano, and those are just as important.

What if I don’t like a keyboard I play? If you’re not happy with the piano you play, try a different keyboard. Most manufacturers provide a range of instruments that they provide a small range for. Some of those may be comfortable for you, but some might not. To ensure that everything can be played smoothly you can take your first impression of the piano to its smallest details, just make a “small review” of it. Then when you

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