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As the song title says, the key of piano is just the 3rd finger and the 2nd thumb. If you are thinking “hey, I can play piano on two hands, so why the 3rd?” then that is correct. Piano notes are divided to three different types of notes: Major, Minor and Diminished. I am making it up as I go along. Piano is also used to count and in various other ways. These are not always listed on the piano books, but you can see them on the websites of other piano musicians.

If you really want to start learning to play piano, first you need a piano teacher. Here is your best bet. You can find a piano teacher on Amazon, or just go on Google. You can also start by learning by ear. I will say it again.

Learning piano by ear is much longer and more difficult without the piano teacher. Learning piano by ear is how I became a pianist.

The more difficult way is to go look at pictures of different instruments in your country and then practice with various strings. Or just use audio recordings of the sounds. If you want a different instrument or want to practice on other instruments then try using an app. These can be found from Amazon and just click on the image on the right-hand side. You can also click on the images at the bottom of this page or scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the keyword. In case you want to learn to play a particular instrument. The apps include:

A great online resource with more information about the different instruments you can play is the piano.

Another way to learn is to do this:

For one hour (4-6 minutes) you will play as many notes as you can with 3-8 strings on the piano. You need to know to play 3 notes with 3 strings at the same time. It is also necessary to know where the key is. A really good practice method is to listen to the piano while playing the note. So listen for the piano sound, then pick a couple of specific notes. If you have some time, try playing them as one after other. That can be a great way to learn. You don’t have to play the same string for each note, but have a specific interval. One note at a time.

Once you are comfortable playing a few notes on the piano and also learn a couple other keys (as you read on). You can start practicing playing more difficult

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