Do I need 88 keys to learn piano?

A: The key for learning to play the piano is usually found on the side of the piano. If you have never put a key down on your instrument before, you may need to buy a keyed up piano for this reason. However, even though there are a lot of keyed-up pianos, there are fewer of them being used in the teaching and playing of piano.

Q: I’m learning how to play this piece. Do I need to learn to count notes?

A: Although the notation of the piano will be your guide to playing and counting notes, you can use all the information you wish on the score and on your sheet music.

Q: Do I have to study the notes on my piano keyboard and on the sheet music?

A: The piano keyboard is simply a computer-controlled keyboard which has different keys for piano and other notes. The notes on your piano keyboard can be counted using the notes on the sheet music and the score. The same applies with the sheet music which is simply written on a sheet of paper.

Q: I’m a piano student. I found this piece of material is not very useful so I’d like to study it on my own. Should I start by memorizing the names of all the keys?

A: No, you can study this piece on your own. But it is essential that you learn to identify some of the notes in the music. By memorizing the names of the notes with your fingers first, you will get a more accurate sense of how the notes in the music occur.

Q: I’m a piano teacher. Can I use this piece on my students?

A: Yes you can, just remember that learning a piece in this way helps you learn to listen to music in a more useful way which is to say that you will be able to recognize the correct notes in the music if you hear it played.

Q: When I play this piece, can I tell you what’s on the score?

A: No. Although a piano score may tell you how and where the notes occur on piano, a written score alone is not sufficient to understand how the notes occur.

Q: Do you need to learn to play the same notes you memorize?

A: Yes, your piano training will be greatly improved by having an understanding of the notes in a piece for which you need to memorize them. It is a good idea to begin with memor