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On the first of January 2011, the British tabloid The Sun published a story about a man who had been sentenced after a “brutal attack” by a “glamorous” gang of seven boys that had “punished” his daughter for “being gay”. While the story had initially drawn wide attention, it was promptly picked up by some of the tabloids’ own commentators. In the British press, it was an “all-action story” that attracted “howls of derision” from the media.

As we know, by the late evening of the same day The Sun reported that its columnist Peter Oborne had retracted the article and apologised and that he had not meant any offence by his comment on the child’s “sexual orientation”, though he knew the headline read as “child raped by gang”. A tabloid response of a more general nature would be predictable. It would argue that Oborne, a seasoned columnist, had been too aggressive in his remarks and that he had crossed the line because of his ignorance of the law and what is legally permissible “in his own home”. It would further explain that despite this being a story about a “rebellious” gay man and a “glorious” gang of seven, the “pride” of the paper had led it to publish an article that “couldn’t take itself seriously”, which was “a disgrace to the profession and should bring the entire industry for whom he writes to its knees”.

Unfortunately, this response is also inaccurate – no such story has been written. Nor is Oborne aware of the article that was published at that moment by the other papers, as all have been obliged to acknowledge publicly. Indeed, one can only speculate as to what his involvement could have been.

Nor do the mainstream media outlets – The Guardian, the Daily Mail, The Independent, even the Telegraph – realise that the article is part of a concerted effort by the British press to portray itself as a defender of the rights of minorities in the UK. Indeed, by continuing to use offensive articles like this to convey that impression, they are deliberately damaging their standing in the eyes of those who seek to promote tolerance and open debate.

In fact, the article, like all of these other stories, is a clear breach of the terms of publication for which the papers have agreed and which means they have to retract them and apologise. The paper had committed an act of “publication”, as

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