Can you learn piano online? – Learn How To Play Ode To Joy On Piano Youtube

We’ll help you find the right piano to match your interests and abilities.

What are our piano lessons like?

The piano course will take you through a series of exercises, which will give you confidence and skills in playing the piano. All of our instructors have been teaching for over 20 years, and come with extensive piano knowledge, and the confidence to assist you. For beginners, starting with a basic lesson will help you to get to grips with the sound and feel of the piano. For experienced teachers, we’ll also be taking you though their extensive experience and knowledge in teaching piano.

Pianist Chris O’Keefe, a seasoned piano teacher, will guide you through the keys of the trumpet and clarinet, while musician and teacher Paul Smith will teach you how the keys are played.

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We have two pianists at the classes: Chris O’Keefe and Paul Smith.

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