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I have a friend who has a daughter and she says that when she was growing up, she used to play piano and she used to learn the piano on iPad, and now she plays the piano on the piano. So I guess that’s a good thing in terms of getting better.

SARA JENKINS: The reason I’d like that is because I think that the iPad is just the best way to access your piano books. If I were you, I’d buy the iPad for that reason because it’s the best way to access your piano books without having to spend $40 – $50 on an e-reader.

The iPhone is just a better way. It’s even more versatile. And so we have an iPad that’s a good addition and an iPad with iTunes that has a good addition. But I also think in terms of learning how to play piano, there is a lot that the iPad can do that the iPhone cannot. And I don’t think that there is an issue with the iPad as an introduction to piano.

NARRATOR: While the iPhone can offer a much simpler way to learn, it has a harder time teaching it, particularly in the classroom.

Cheryl Matson, head of the music department at Yale University, and piano coach Dr. John Purdy explain why.

CHERYL MAVROWSKI: When you get out of your car and you take you hands off the wheel, everything that makes your fingers go to work is in your hand, your fingers are working. When you try to teach piano to someone at first, you have a hard time getting them to feel that. I have to remind them, “There are keys on this keyboard: that’s there because your fingers are working.” They may say, “Oh, but that’s the way I played; that’s the way I have.” But, that’s not very helpful for someone who’s trying to learn how to play the piano.

NARRATOR: So with an iPad as your learning tool, might it be too easy for children to use it to create a makeshift instrument or set-up their own instruments? Dr. Purdy says that children can learn to play on an iPod or phone for a lot less than what they do now.

CAMERON BROS. MUSIC PROF. JOHN PULIDY (Boston University): One of the things that’s a little bit surprising to me is that most people, the majority, of

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