Can you learn piano on a keyboard?

No, thanks. All these other instruments, and more instruments. It’s amazing! But to learn how to play it, you have to be very skilled in a wide set of things, one of the most of which is the ear. Just listen to it. Learn it. And then, and only then, do you begin to find out how to play. When you’re able to play, it’s almost like an art form.

When you’re just trying to be a good listener, try to remember all the things that work to bring you pleasure. I think, for instance, playing the piano really opens up your ability to listen to other people, and listen to the rhythms of music, and listen to the way other people improvise. And then just listen to your own voice and play it the same as if you thought it was written down and you heard it in your mind. And when you do that, just like a painting, you discover something about that art you like, what works.

What happens to all the old piano books once a piano is dead? Well, this is what happens. They’re gone forever, or they’re buried in some museum in Paris. I still have a piano in my attic, but it’s in a box that’s covered with tape, so if I walk down the stairs into it I can’t reach it. So it was very valuable when the whole thing was in the attic of my grandparents’ house in Lille, Belgium.

Picking up where I left off last story, the boys are now preparing to go on a journey to find the missing boy, but how does this affect their friendship? What of Harry’s plans? And to what end will they be forced to travel?

Also, why can’t Hermione just tell Ginny? We all hope she will, but can she?

As the first person to receive a B.E.M.C.M. on eBay, I’ve learned a valuable lesson about the power of word of mouth, which many other collectors and writers have found out, particularly in our age of social media. For instance, this is why I’d really like to find out what the eBay prices are for the first person to get the first published book about the “Golden Era” of American comics.

In the past, I’ve asked friends, writers, dealers and other contributors to submit B.E.M.P.s for my columns. However, if you are one of the thousands of people who have