Can you learn piano in a year?

It’s not difficult to teach yourself to play music. You can learn to play an instrument very quickly, and start with just fingerstyle guitar playing, but if you try hard enough, you’ll eventually learn to play piano. (And, believe me, you will soon). But the music may not play as well as you would like it to with your current skill level. But then it’s possible and that’s great!

For example, let’s say you started out playing guitar very well and can play your best when you’re about to complete the 12-week, half-hour weekly exercise program. By playing for a week or two, you should be able to play about as well as you can with your level now. Now imagine you’ve learned to play guitar really well now, and you’ve started to study and practice to see how well you can play without going to piano, or playing piano to the best of your ability. As you progress and start to improve, in one song or piece, you should be able to play well beyond what you think you can play when you do practice alone.

The only problem is, you’re not going to know how well that song or piece will play till you try it for a while! You certainly won’t have time to practice when it’s already late at night, and a bit boring, and you’re on a bus on your way home for a week. But when you do play the tune or piece and you don’t know how well you’ll do (I know, I wrote about this too).

This may sound silly, but if you can do this exercise properly, you’re going to know a lot more about how music works. Then you won’t be wasting your time on “practice” in the real world, but instead will be building the foundation you need to have a true understanding of music.

So let’s take the previous example of me playing guitar well for three years in a row, and now I’m about to work on playing piano, and can play a real piece of music without being in any rush because I’ve studied the theory. But then, during each of these four weeks of practice, I’ll want to know how the tune works (in my case, it’s the song “Greensleeves,” by Billy Joel of The Turtles), then I’ll play that piece. So now I’ll know a bit about how music works, then I’ll know how this particular song can be played. Then I’ll be