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Well, of course you can learn 2 instruments while simultaneously playing 2 different languages. But it wouldn’t be fun. As soon as something sounds like a language you don’t use, you either learn to speak the language or stop using it. The two languages are different enough that you start to use the language, not the other way round.

So, if you’ve been playing music for 20 years learning the instrumentals, when you start learning another language, you have to remember more and learn it faster. Your ears become trained in the second language which, as you know, you’d rather not use. This is why every serious learning activity is made up of learning languages you don’t use. It doesn’t work unless you know some foreign language!

What to learn next … – After you’ve learned a few new instruments, what should you next learn? Learning an instrument can be an incredible experience, so why not try it, right?

For example, most guitarists already know that they like to play blues, but they also know a little about what blues players do in general. Some of them even have some idea of what chords are and what notes they can play, but not all of them. You need some ideas of exactly what they play, how it sounds and learn from that. Learning a new language can then be a great challenge without feeling like learning to speak a foreign language at all. So, take a lesson from a good guitar teacher, learn the language of your favorite band, and play a few tunes to get the feel of their playing.

It’s as simple as that! So the first thing next will probably be trying to pick notes without the chords on a chord chart. Just practice by playing the chords on a piano and practicing these on the guitar too. Once you start seeing how it sounds on the guitar, you’ll probably be able to pick out notes just by listening to some music – like some of those YouTube channels or the Guitar Teacher’s Academy from my previous blog post.

You should always use practice to improve your playing – When you read an article about guitar, you often say that playing a solo is a really hard activity, yet people keep writing about practicing guitar solos. So why not just practice the chord changes you hear on the guitar or practice the same things over and over again? If there are some chord progressions you could learn first by reading a book or learning the chords, then by using the video method, you should be able to learn these

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