Can I learn violin at 50? – Easy Songs To Learn On Piano For Beginners

A: Yes you can! We teach violin and cello as well as the piano, the harp, viola, saxophone, harp, double bass and banjo each week. Most kids go on to study music at some point in their life.

Q. Does the teacher/student ratio vary from class to class?

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A: It is the same every week which is why it’s a great class to attend. Every child is different and most kids can sit in any one position.

Q. How soon can I learn violin?

A: It varies. Children from first grade up will have the opportunity to learn violin, but with enough study time you can learn most of the chords. However, there is one chord in particular that needs to be mastered to start your journey with violin. It’s called the Eb Major Scale. You can also practice scales in a manner similar to how you practice guitar for guitar chord progressions. If you’ve never played an instrument before, or have played music in the past but not as intensively, you may be asked to play some backing songs to familiarize you with the instrument.

Q. I have a question or comment that won’t go unanswered here. Can I contact you at any time?

A: We would very much appreciate your ideas and input in return. Feel free to contact us by phone, Facebook, e-mail, or by clicking here!

Q: I don’t read the blogs that regularly fill the internet with info to the best of my ability, but I enjoy reading these and want to hear more. When can I expect to hear about new content?

A: There is a lot of info to take in on our Facebook posts, or you can go to the blog that was mentioned.

Thank you once again for taking the time to visit us in the hopes that you find the information you are searching for helpful.

This site is run by a student, student, student who wants to create a well rounded curriculum that is tailored to the needs of his/her child to be proficient with a wide range of musical instruments such as cello, piano, piano and the guitar! All of our videos, lessons, and practice schedules are tailored to the children’s interests as well as their schedules. We will have plenty of weekly “courses” available, including the music lessons we use for our weekly workshops.

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