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What about guitar? I can read with it. No. When you play a violin, all you see is a sound. If there is a rhythm, you are playing it. Now, if I start playing a guitar, I feel like I am moving. When I start reading with my eyes, I don’t think about the sound. But, if I am thinking something and it looks to be a question, I ask about it. When I feel like I am walking, I assume it is not actually walking. But, when I see my eyes, I think it is. I have become conscious of my body all the time.

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I also have an idea that, since I am more sensitive and more open, I can feel anything. That is, the idea of the body and what it can do. I am conscious and see everything that happens with my mind. When the body is aware, the mind is also conscious. The mind says, “Yes.” That is the mind’s response to a stimulus.

For example, you think something is bad because an object has a red color. When the red color of an object is perceived as harmful, the mind automatically responds. In that case, how would you respond? Would you be upset? No, not really upset—just in the mind’s eye, you see the redness of the object. That means the mind is thinking, “Yes, I am not happy with the color.” But, as I am thinking about the object, I notice the redness, but I don’t feel angry with the object, nor am I in pain. In fact, as long as the color is perceived in a positive way, you do not feel upset.

That is, it is not possible to react directly to something that is harmful. The mind’s thinking is, “Yes, this color is bad. However, the perception, as long as it is beneficial, is good. So, when I see redness, I do not get angry with it. I have become aware of how the color is perceived in a positive way, which is the mind’s response.

Then, how can a mental object be harmful? A thought can be harmful because that thought is associated with something that is harmful and is not seen as beneficial. In that case, no response is being made for a physical object. When you can use that physical object without reaction so that your body can react, when that physical object can be used without reaction without the need for thought,

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