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While most people think of music school as the exclusive domain of the rich, the truth is that even those with a modest income can benefit from the teaching of music within the context of a conservatory or university.

The main difference between performing arts schooling and university-level music education is that if you work for a living, it’s more expensive. If you’re making a bit of money, you’re more likely to get into a university-level musical education program.

If you’re living on a small budget with a very limited amount of time to devote to the piano or saxophone, you probably shouldn’t worry about getting a piano or saxophone lesson in university. But if you are living on a low budget, you may be able to afford music lessons as part of your conservatory studies, such as the jazz or ballet, or the orchestral or chamber music composition courses. As long as you study music, most universities will be happy to help you enroll in these classes.

If you want to learn jazz or percussion at home, you may still find that the quality of your lessons will be more important than whether or not you can read the music in college, but it might be a smart decision for students who aren’t on a financial budget.

What is a student?
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Students are often lumped together into two big categories, those that pay for their own music education and those who benefit from the benefits of a conservatory or university education: classical musicians, orchestral players with an advanced degree, and musicians with a degree or more in other music fields.

What is going on when you look at these types of students?

The music education that you receive at a conservatory is largely dependent on whether your goal is to acquire professional musicianship or to be able to play in concerts. And your goal might be to learn to play or conduct musical events with an orchestra or to create concert pieces for a concert program. However, the degree in an orchestra can have a profound effect on your ability to master the piano or to get involved in composing.

The music education you receive at a university can be more open-ended, allowing you to acquire an appreciation of the arts and music in the context of your studies or other forms of instruction. While the degree in many universities are required to obtain professional musicianship or to be able to produce musical scores, your specific goal might not be limited by music schools’ specific requirements.

What is an undergraduate student?

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