Can I learn piano and violin at the same time? – Learn Piano Free Kids

Yes. We have two free piano lessons per week. The lesson is 4-5 hours long and we will play piano and violin together. The instrument you will learn is a piano or a violin that you will pick up at a music store (it does not have to be used.) In addition, we have violin lessons as well.

Are any of our students going to college or university now? What will I do during my free time with them?

No. These piano and violin lessons are just an opportunity for you to learn how to practice and see how well you can do. Our goal is that by the time you graduate from our classes, you will have the knowledge to play and enjoy the piano or violin, as well as to learn how to play some music.

Will I be able to have a piano or violin to live with?

The students who study with The Bistro at the Bistro at the Beach learn to play a variety of instruments. The instruments they play are based on the repertoire we teach.

How will I know when the Bistro at the Beach has had enough music classes to fit in one full day?

For students who choose to continue in our classes for a full day, they need to meet a number of qualifications. We teach them the importance of being flexible; being able to learn on your own schedule, to study to the pace you prefer, and to understand the level of quality you need before taking on the next step. In addition, we want to be sure they have completed the requirements of the Certificate/Accreditation in Piano and Organ Performance and the Certificate in Orchestra Conducting to allow them to take the next step. If you have attended one of our Piano and Organ Courses at the Bistro at the Beach, please log onto our website and review our requirements and register.

Will I be able to learn to play at the Beach on a regular basis? If so, what time period would be suitable?

At our Bistro at the Beach, on the last day of each class, we have four free lessons that are open to students on a day at a time basis. Our lessons are at 1:00, 2:30, 3:45, and 4:45 pm. The sessions are designed to offer a variety of instruments to each student so that they can experience the instrument. Each student has a private lesson that we record. Our free lessons are tailored to fit each student and to provide that

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