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“I’ll do anything. Anything”.

How many people have ever joined your band?

It’s a bit late to start counting because we were very inactive when we started. I can say there have been 10 people but what they all have is music in their blood as we’re all the same in this band. That’s why we all get along. I’m sure that there will be more, but as much as I can’t answer I know this.

What have you learnt from all these people?

The people we grew up listening to we’ve taken to that. We’re all really good at making things from nothing. We’ve learnt how to make things, how to find new melodies, how to make things interesting in their own way, how to make them listenable in that way. It’s pretty awesome, really.

When did you start playing music?

It all started in the band’s basement. When we were kids we all got together to play guitars and we just started playing with that in that band. For the most part we went to a local record shop to buy our first record. We’d just been playing around with that for a while and then there was a record of ours that was kind of in our heart.

What did that record sound like? Did you think at the time it was what you wanted to write about in music or what was out at the time?

When we played that album for our first demo and we’d listened to it and heard the song and what it sounded like, we thought it would make for great piano music. It was really a moment of recognition and we wanted to use it as the beginning of a project called ‘Bassist’ and it was going to be a more upbeat and melodic record. We thought that kind of laid the foundation for everything else we’ve written. It didn’t have to sound like a Bassist record, it just had to sound good for its time. It was our first album, but it was our first passion project. It was really the very first thing we did and we’re very very proud of it but it didn’t have a whole lot more to do with where we are today than it did with what we started the day we were born.

That’s the great thing about being a musician in the rock world. You never know. You never know until you reach the stage of success.

That’s the great thing about being a musician in the rock

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