Which app is best for pic editing?

There are 4 apps that I use with almost every shot: Instax, Canon, Nikon and Apple. You can view the reviews of each app here: Canon, Nikon, iPhone

Camera’s on iPhone app on the go (for taking and editing photos in the field with your phone)

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I recently attended a panel talk entitled “Citizens and Citizen Power,” and it really struck home to me. You see this all the time – when I’m in discussion with a group of my peers in college, there’s a tendency to dismiss the opinions of outsiders and others with whom I have had few interactions, much less direct experience. Even in the most liberal communities of the US, there are people who just don’t accept ideas from outside of their community as valid. The thing they find most unsettling is the idea that if only we had a more open minded and enlightened opinion, we would have more solutions to what is fundamentally a problem.

To this I can only answer that I don’t feel I have a more open minded or enlightened opinion than the average white male, which is not to say that I don’t value the experiences of others. If I had a free hand to express myself freely, I’d probably be sharing a bit more, but I’m also not going to start demanding that all opinions are given a fair amount of consideration. I won’t force everyone I know to be on the same side, nor will I demand they all share my feelings. I’ve been on Reddit and Twitter for decades and there was never any pushback, and I’ve never gotten a single “oh I disagree” or an “how can you do that” response.

When I was younger, we were taught that “the way you express yourself isn’t the only way” and that you should take your ideas into consideration but that you should not let others decide if they should be heard or not. That was my “civilizing” mission – to get everyone to like, respect, and agree with everything I’ve ever said, even if it contradicts everything they ever knew. I think that’s still my guiding philosophy, but it comes down to these things – you take what’s accepted and not let it trump your own opinions. If you feel you have something important to share, you’ve already got to share and don’t let any one other party determine the way it is to be shared. That’s the way I’ve been teaching since I was a teenager.

When it comes to the topic of free