What’s the best free photo editor?

You get to pick your own one, in no small part because there’s a ton of really high-quality free photo editors available for desktop.

But, before you do much else, try one of these photo editors!

We’ve put together some of our favorites to get you started. And if you’re new to any free photo editing solutions, why not give us a try first – it’s free 🙂

Note: We recommend the paid photo editors of the following brands and editors only. And keep in mind: These are paid apps, which might limit how often you’ll get access, and it can take some time to be able to check them out! So, I recommend you go for a less expensive alternative in one of these areas first.

Download Photo Edit Pro for Windows, Mac or Linux Free or pay for an ad-supported Pro version

Download PhotoEdit Pro for Windows, Mac or Linux

PhotoEdit Photo Organizer

PhotoEditing Software for Windows

Photo Editing Software for Mac

Photo Edit Pro for Windows, Mac or Linux is a comprehensive photo editing system aimed at the experienced photographers in the market. It covers digital zoom for more realistic perspective, and has a vast assortment of filters, filters, and tools to help you edit your photos to get it looking nice and professional.

The free version allows you to edit with:

A ton of filters including:

Brush Size

Color Adjustment

Color Correction

Exponential filter



Blur Reduction

Color Temperature
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Brightness Adjustment

Fog Control

Gamma Adjustment

Color Adjustment

Color Tone

Fog Light

Fog Removal

Fog Removal Light

Gradient Selection Tool

Gruning Reduction

Gruning Removal

Layer Removal

Layer Removal Light

Lightning Reduction

Multi-Layer Layers

Multiply, Add, or Swap




Pan Filter

Paint Tool

Paint Filter

Paint Tool Removal

Shed Layers


Shake and Brack

Shake, Bracket, Brack


Sniper Filter



Snap, Bracket, and Brack