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If you sell digital content, like music or audiobooks, you should be able to charge for each individual track that they include. If you’re only selling one song or one song album, you’d have to charge a minimum price of $1.00 per song.

How I will collect and submit data to the site

I plan on collecting data for tracking every person visiting the site, in an anonymised way. So please don’t collect any personal information, such as your name and email address. Also, don’t ask for personal information. I won’t be able to respond or answer any questions by email, and I won’t keep any information. If you plan on giving us anything, tell me about it. Also please leave a comment if you have any extra information you want. And please feel free to ask any questions, any time. 🙂


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This is the first post I’ve ever written, as I’ve just been hired. It’s not as if this position was created, or even mentioned to me. So, thank you for coming to my blog. But here comes a bit of a rant, for some reason.

I’ve seen this argument over and over on both sides of the argument. I’ve seen comments like “It’s about time we stopped talking about money”. I’ve seen a post on the internet about how “It’s about time we stopped trying to sell sex”. I’ve seen people with no idea what I do to pay the bills to live out of a car and drive my dog around for the rest of the year to pay my rent on time. I’ve seen people have a hard time admitting that they may not make a great living – like you, the reader. And I’ve seen articles that have the same thing happen on both sides as I’ve done. These articles are simply based on what seems to be the premise that my job is the most important and vital thing that I can do. I get that. I get how important it is to me.

But I think there’s something more fundamental going on here… something that I think is fundamental to both sides. And I think that the fundamental thing is that neither side thinks what they’re saying is

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