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You will also need to pay for the work and maintain the website for a few years. This may include the time you spend on creating, maintaining or editing each post. If you only want to make one post each week then you can get by with just £1.50 an hour. You can also set up a website for a fraction of that. If you want to make a lot of posts a week you can also use websites such as MakeUseOf or The Pirate Bay.

Will you let me keep the money I save?

When you have created a useful site, like that of this blog, and you want to keep it then your editor won’t mind as long as you keep the content open source and allow the community to decide which content will make it onto the website.

Why do I need a domain name?

If you have made a page but the domain is still not working and you have received lots of comments and you want to continue your page for free then you can make a little money by registering a domain name from a web-host. If you already have a website then you need to register a domain name or a subdomain name to help your site load. You don’t need a huge website to make money selling goods and services then just use a small website with no ads to make money.
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Who cares about my IP address?

Your IP Address is a unique number that is always associated with your computer and phone. If you are using a computer that isn’t your own, then if people want to make contact from your computer then the IP address will be a key piece of information that they need. These people include search engines, virus scanners, hackers (and other parties) who are trying to track your browsing and use your computer to do criminal or unlawful purposes.

Does my IP address reveal anything else about my identity?

It is possible that you could be a victim of identity theft or be the victim of other forms of social fraud. The IP address is not very reliable if you are the victim of identity fraud but you always have to remember that you could be someone else.

What types of people are likely to be interested in my details?

Everyone from a young teenager to professional athletes want to have access to your details and they will all want access to the internet so the IP address might be part of their profile too. It also helps if you are a professional athlete. If you want to make money online from something then you

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