What is the going rate for freelance editing?

You will find it depends on your freelance style and experience level. If you do not have any years experience then you can get a rate of $250 a day to do small tasks. It could be something as simple as adding one line to a manuscript to help you get the next stage of editing completed. For someone who has worked for years editing professionally, it can be $1,500-2,000 a month.

Is there any downside to working freelance or do I need my own place?

If you do work freelance, you should not have to worry about living expenses. For some freelancers, their rates can vary tremendously and you can always find cheap rentals that can accommodate your needs.

However, if you do not have any home to live in, then working freelance can become very risky. As you get closer to finishing your project, there is always an additional rate you have to pay to the editor. This can range anywhere from $50 to $500.

Where can we find great freelance editing rates?

If you do not know where to find great rates to edit for freelance writing or writing on a literary website, the following websites can be very helpful. All of these websites have great rates ranging from $50 to $8,000 a month.

1. Scribd – Free

2. Writer Beware – $30/month free edit

3. My Writing Bank – Free weekly and monthly rates

4. Writer’s Book Club – $50/month for 3 months

5. Fiction Writer’s Bank – $10/month for a 6 month contract

6. Editing Resource – Free for editing and writing on a website

7. A Place for Writers – Free to edit, no cover or synopsis fee

8. Freelance Writer Bank – Free editing with 3 months advance.

9. Online freelance editor – free freelance rates

10. Freelance Writer’s Journal – $30/month/3 weeks.

11. Scribd Writers Academy – $35/month/3 weeks.

12. The Complete Writer – $50/month/3 weeks

13. Writer’s Digest – Free online freelance editing with 3 months advance.

14. My Writer’s Bank – $25/month/4 weeks.

15. Bookworld – $40/month/3 weeks.

16. Word of Mouth – $20/month.

17. The Fre