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This isn’t something a beginner needs to understand, but a skilled editor can certainly make use of both. The process of editing has a lot more to do with the content than the images.

What is a retouch? A retouch is a way to improve the quality of a piece of digital artwork or digital photo. For example, if you were to remove an aspect of your art, this could be called a “retouch” on an image. In the case of a photo, this could cause more image distortion or damage. This retouching is different from painting, as a painting must be taken in relation to the background. Retouching can, on the other hand, create an artwork that is in line with what is intended. The process of retouching can be applied to almost anything – including people!

What makes a “proper,” or “good” retouch? A good quality retoucher is one who isn’t only concerned with making the pictures look natural, but also with adding depth and texture to the scene without being over-the-top. A retoucher must also be very familiar with anatomy or psychology and be able to explain a particular image when needed.

If you’re still not sure what retouching is, read our retouching guide .

It’s important that Americans understand the role of the press in promoting democracy and holding public leaders accountable. Yet the fact that so many Americans believe that the media has a right to lie to them in order to advance public policy is troubling.

We now have a case in point: Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a French group that monitors press freedom, recently labeled the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee “part of an insidious network of political and media networks that facilitate [the] manipulation of the news and public perception.”
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The RSF added that “the network in question is the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the Democratic Party’s campaign arm, a network of affiliated groups, and a constellation of media companies.” This network, the RSF says, is responsible for spreading a “messianic narrative” that “sounds like propaganda.”

The RSF is especially critical of the American government. The RSF singled out the Department of Justice and former Attorney General Eric Holder for their role in suppressing press freedoms on the eve of the 2012 elections. The Justice Department’s decision not to prosecute Lois Lerner, the former director of the

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