What is the difference between Photoshop Elements and Lightroom? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Free Download

Photoshop Elements is Photoshop.

There are no native Lightroom Elements. Lightroom is a brand new Lightroom plug-in built in to Lightroom and a fully open source workflow. The differences between Photoshop Elements and Lightroom are:

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There are no native Photoshop Elements (and thus no “Photoshop Elements Plug-in”), and thus no Photoshop plug-in for Lightroom.

No Photoshop elements include support for Photoshop’s advanced features and effects.

No native Lightroom elements contain support for Lightroom’s advanced features and effects, such as Smart Guides, Color Management, Lens Correction, and so on, which are baked into the lightroom plug-in and the workflow.

The following is a list of examples of each difference. For a full list of all differences see the Adobe lightroom reference manual.

Photoshop Elements differences

Photoshop Elements does have support for Photoshop’s advanced features; for example, smart brushes, a brush brush type that can be easily customized to fill the entire canvas at the touch of a button and allows a user to control an entire brush by simply clicking on its icon. This is the type of functionality that is built into the plug-in.

Photoshop Elements plug-in features Photoshop filters, such as the ability to apply one color to all brush strokes in one stroke type. (In fact, that is the only tool in Photoshop Elements that does that!) Lightroom filters can be applied across the entire canvas at the touch of a button, and are supported by Photoshop Elements as well. Lightroom filters are baked into the plug-in. (That’s right, the plug-in supports the Lightroom plug-in’s color management features – as well as everything else, actually.) Photoshop Elements plug-in features a full-featured editor where users can: Create image layers and layers can be combined/deleted

Place and edit all layers at once, not just those already visible

Create multiple layers and layers can be placed (for example, in two layers) and removed (for example, from the stack)

Automatically resize images to fill the current canvas

Import images from the Adobe Creative Cloud and then import them into Lightroom and vice-versa

Automatically rename folders and add/remove them to the clipboard

Display the entire canvas as a single Layer View

Place and remove the layers at any time, not just when you take a new image

Create Layer Styles and

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