What is the difference between line editing and copyediting? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Photoshop

Here is the definition of copyediting from Wiktionary:

“Copyediting” (often abbreviated as “CV”) is the editing of documents by transforming or copying text or text elements. It is often used to edit documents in conjunction with editing tools, such as Microsoft Word or Macromedia Macromedia and in conjunction with computer programs, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. In contrast to line editing, when using copyediting, the original text is often retyped.

The above is from the Wikipedia.

Line editing is basically the merging of multiple files into one, often merging text with graphics and music. Copyediting on the other hand, is the merging of multiple text files into one, often merging graphic documents with other text documents.

The difference between line editing and copyediting is that line editing can save the editor lots of time. Copyediting however, is the quickest editing on the computer.

What do the numbers under the edit buttons mean, anyway?

The number under edit (in red) is the number of words that have been changed in the current document. The numbers under the move (in green) is the number of words that have been moved from the current document to the new file, but not before the word under the move has been replaced by the same word in the new file.

To do anything in Windows, copy and paste is your friend. If you do copy and paste, it will work the same way.

What is a page number?

Each document is numbered within a page. The numbering system is based on characters; in contrast, in the Macintosh, the characters are numbered with the number of that character in the document.

Page numbers are only visible if the document has a cover. For example, if you open a Word document that has a cover on, the document is marked in black type on all four sides (see image below).

On the right side of the cover of a Word document is a link to a page that shows the number of the page within the document. For example, on page 32 of the Word document, you will see 32 pages on the page number 64 (a.k.a. page 4). Scroll down the page number, and it should show the page number of page 64. Scroll the pages down, and it will show the number of each page as it existed on the original page (in order from oldest to

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