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For many, finding a good job in tech is hard.

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There are millions of people today who have jobs that do not rely so much on computer skills – the kind of software people often see as an asset.

But for some, tech-savvy jobs aren’t just about software; it’s about the way people work, and where they work. This is the topic of a new talk from the Digital Media Center at Columbia University, titled “The Future of Data: A Conversation with Digital Strategists and Data Scientists.”

The talk, titled “The Digital Revolution”, takes a step away from the technical debate about what “digital” means and explores other ways to make the digital economy better. What it suggests, says co-director Amy Reisman, the Digital Media Center’s president, is a new way to think about what a jobs market can look like, what opportunities there are and the risks. What’s new, says Reisman, is the way data is being used, both by technology companies and by academics researching it, and how it can be used to influence the way we work. How does this fit into a jobs market that has evolved since the early 2000s, when many people had never heard of the Internet?

“Digital transformation in the workplace has been a conversation-starter because it’s so easy to get into,” Reisman tells Digital Trends. “The digital revolution in communications means that most of the job opportunities we’ve seen are occurring online.” So, she says, it’s become easier to imagine “the possibility of a future where, as we change jobs digitally, we also change our jobs digitally, in real time, just as we shift our communications channels.”

In an interview with IEEE Spectrum before the talk, Reisman said one of the things that’s happened in the last four years is we’re now working on a “new way of thinking about data,” as she says, that makes a new shift in terms of “the role of data as a source of real-time information and the way we use data to make better-informed decisions.”

For example, Reisman notes, data is being used not just to inform employees, but to guide product development. “When we’re designing a new computer system,” she says, “what we’re saying to ourselves is what sort

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