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Ethics photography is the practice of taking ethical images of events. I’m a little biased because I have done a bit of photography in the past in this space, but ethics photography isn’t a new thing.

I started photography when I was about fifteen to explore the human condition, and I have always been an anti-hero. But after I started to become more mature, I began to realize that there was a lot more to life than the typical narrative of heroics and bravery. So I made changes to take what I find to be the important things I believe. I started taking ethical images to give myself the freedom to be a better person.

Photography can be a self-serving business. I’m lucky and lucky to create some of the most intimate places in the world. I also get to create more respectful images. It’s very difficult when you become a photographer, especially in photography, to make money from the photos. The money is always earned by the experience. Without the experiences, without the money, there’s not much.

Your first piece you ever started out doing came in 2000 when your father’s painting collection was on the decline, and it was your idea to make a portrait of your family in that moment. Did that come about naturally, or was it a conscious decision to bring in a bit of a different side to the family portrait?

My father came to visit me when he was in London, and there was a family portrait series done at the time about a family of eight children. Everyone was a different family, and I thought, I am going to take these eight or nine children and make them look like they are from different generations. I thought, I could make the family portrait of my dad in that moment in time because I think when Dad was away, the family was different and everything changed and he would become an older man.

I got the idea to have my father have his portrait taken when my husband said, “There’s something you need to do”. So I said, “Why don’t we have it?” I said, “It’s your dad, you need to capture him”. It was my husband and I that made the decision.

I didn’t put in a price tag, I just said, I’m going to have my photograph of him.

I didn’t put in a price tag, I just said, I’m going to have my photograph of him. They knew I had made him.

Why did you

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