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The process of editing a story on our website and blog is identical to editing our comics. When you start working on a story, we first ask you a series of questions like, “What can people tell you about this character?” “What kind of story would make a great comic book?” “Is there a particular kind of humor that would help bring it to life?” “How can we bring the comic more into line with the TV show?” These are questions we’ll ask to the entire team.

Our first “teaser” story, “The Mystery Girl,” was written with comic creator Mark Waid in mind, and has been edited by me and a number of our in-house comic artists. We wanted to start with the premise of a girl who travels around the world to find the one thing that will save her and all other children. By writing “The Mystery Girl” with our regular comic team, and the original creators of the comic, we’ve seen the stories take from the simple premise to an entire adventure and the development of the character (both in the comic and the television show). This helps us find the right balance between telling the story we want to tell, but also not straying away from the fun and humor we love from comics.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a superhero do a battle with a creature from the planet Jumba Jookiba, or the entire cast of Friends on a picnic in Hawaii (or any other place where things happen all the time?), now is your chance.

If you’re looking for an original, fun, funny, exciting, suspenseful, and/or exciting story that may be difficult for you to find on TV, this will give you one (or a few) of these, in the form of a TV-quality comic.

How much will I see?

Our plan is to publish 50-70 pages a month, starting out in October in a weekly format, before shifting to monthly installments, starting in November, and continuing for our current goal of one issue every two months.

How does our money work?

We have an established relationship with the creators of our comic, and receive all our income back from our sales of the issue. In return, we provide them with a percentage of the print and digital sales of the comic, along with an advance and royalties from the use of their characters in a TV show or movie. This means no more royalties! And there’s always more! The more of

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