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Photo Editing Secrets: How to Make the Best of a Portrait

A new group of scientists says it has established the highest-confidence evidence for a mysterious quantum field experiment, which, it claims, was performed on a silicon chip.

The researchers used a silicon photodiode to create a magnetic field (left) which would cause an electron to be “pulled” towards the center of the device. The image, shown below, is from the study which was published today in Nature. Credit: Nature magazine

To perform the experiment, they used a silicon photodiode to create a magnetic field which would cause an electron to be “pulled” towards the center of the device.

When the machine was turned off, the field was turned off, and scientists were able to capture the electron.

“This is the most precise and compelling demonstration of a quantum effect we’ve seen from silicon,” said study author Martin Kottler of the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the University of Washington.

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