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Novelists are rarely the ones who decide how to start another project. Some of them may know the first draft well enough, or at least have read enough to be able to start and edit a sequel without too much trouble. Others don’t even have this knowledge, just “get stuck up”. The editor can be found in any number of positions in the creative business. Some are on a day-to-day writing gig, others are in charge of hiring writers, or even the publisher.

Whatever the position, most authors simply feel that editors are essential. Editors not only write, it is this quality that makes all the difference. Some editors get the job for free, others are paid for a one-off assignment. Many make up to hundreds of thousands of words a year, but when an editor makes one long edit to a novel that they are not a part of—that is a different story.

Not all editors agree with this. Many believe that an editor is essential and should be paid to do it, regardless of whether or not they have already written a couple of chapters. They will even argue that in some cases they should be paying their authors while some editors are paid more.

It is not easy to say who is right and wrong when it comes to writers having an equal share of ownership over their work. One thing is certain though—as a novel writer, it is your right to make your editor an equal amount out of every penny you have. When you feel your editor is not meeting their workload, stop editing them. Just change their role or send them on to something else.

I hope these tips will help you in setting an editor’s goals for your novel and get them to work with you to make your manuscript better. And when possible, give yourself a heads up, too—I have read about authors getting their editors’ names out to other authors as a way to “raise their visibility” in the indie scene. I have no intention of doing that to you.

As a general rule, it is best to wait until you are completely confident that you have all the information you need before moving on to more complex issues.

It will be an arduous journey to the top of the heap, and may result in a lot of mistakes along the way; however, there is a reason why you want to do your research.

One of my colleagues and friends mentioned something recently when describing her experience: she spent a few months searching, trying to find a

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