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One of the big challenges for the visual effects community today compared with the early days is that it is difficult to maintain two separate sets of editing tools, with one set for visual effects and another for storyboarding, storyboarding and storyboarding/film-making. It is not always easy to decide what is in which category in your workflow (which tools and what you use to do it). That’s why we encourage people to come together and start a discussion where they can get a broad understanding of their work. As an example, I’d like to discuss the distinction between “storyboard”, “storyboarding” and “filming” in the visual effects industry.

Let me give two examples:

The following video shows a short clip of a creature walking towards an asteroid. This is an early version of the CG creature. You can look at the original with the storyboard and in the “film-making” editing suite. In terms of storyboards, we are looking at a version that was written by a team of artists called “Team O”. The storyboard was edited down on paper to make a rough cut, where the storyboards were used to create the final cut. Some of these are in the “film-making” editing suite and are included in “The Visual Effects Storyboard Toolbox”. The second version of this creature is the one for use in “a lot production work” and is not part of the storyboard or storyboard-making toolbox, but is included in the “filming” editing suite. This edit is called “The CG Creature” as it was made on film using special effects software “Masten Film Pro (MFP)”. The storyboard was built, but the final CG creature was made by visual effect artists “Artisan”.

Here’s an example that illustrates this:

In this clip, we see how the “film-making” editor can use an old-fashioned concept of “camera movement”. Some editors use the same concepts of cameras and movement that are used in movies today, whereas some use a different approach. So is “film-making” different from “film-making/storyboarding”? How do some visual effects teams view storyboarding and some rely heavily on it? What do different types of editing help to create, while others don’t?

The answers to these questions can vary greatly and are beyond the scope of this article. For a discussion of these questions, which may not be suitable for everyone, we encourage people

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