What are the three basic steps in editing? – Photo Editing Practice

STEP 1: A lot! We have a project editor that you can use to create your projects, to import your images, to add text, to edit your text, to add notes, and to send the files you edit to your email.

STEP 2: A few hundred other little scripts to get things done.

STEP 3: The last step is all of the magic. That’s the editing. But let’s go through what each step does.

STEP 1: Creating a project and importing your images

On macOS: Open up File — Preferences — Edit & Export — Import and choose Photos or Videos.

To import images or videos, click on the Add button. You are given a few options. The first is Create a new photo or video.

Choose the option that says Import images & videos (not videos).

Then select an image or a video file you want to import.

That’s all. Now go on your Mac to the folder where you saved your project file. Make sure it’s labeled in TextEdit and Open.

You’ll be amazed at how many files you end up adding to your email.

(Or maybe not at all.)

STEP 2: Creating a text editor and formatting your text

On macOS: Open up the Text Tool, and click on New Text. Now choose any word or character from the Text Tool. The first time this happens you might get this message:

Error: Could not create character name.

Don’t worry, there’s a good reason. Click on the character’s icon in the upper right, then choose the name you want — the one you will put in your email. If there’s a problem selecting the name, it’s easy to fix by right-clicking on the character’s name in the text tool and choosing Add Character.

You will get the message that you have the character. You can edit this character at this point if you choose to do so.

STEP 3: Add notes to your notes and send to email

On macOS: Open up the Message Tool, and click on Add Notes.

The message you see before you is just a list of notes, but you need to add one note per line. You can right-click on any note, then choose Add Note.

Now, to edit the text. Click on the Edit Button next to an item. You should have the option to Copy Text or Copy to

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