What are the stages of editing? – Learn Photo Editing Reviewsnap Support Chat

The edit stage.

Is it true that most editors have their own personal computers?

Yes, most editors use a personal computer. I personally use one.

As an editor do you use your own software?

Yes, I use Adobe Premiere.

What are you looking for in an editor?

I am looking for someone with good communication skills, who has an eye for detail, who is extremely good at tracking the story.

How much time do you invest in a project?

I spend the majority of my time creating a finished version of the movie before sending the movie off to the client.

What type of work do you do?

I mostly do documentary style work so I usually work on a project that will have some of this style in it. Sometimes I just shoot and edit it without a director.

What does your budget look like?

I usually set some time aside to work on a project as opposed to working for free. I spend around 5-10 hours a week shooting and editing. I don’t have a large budget so it’s not too much to work on projects I have an emotional connection to.

How have editing and production work differed for you in the past?

I shot the first 12 episodes of my show in New York in 2005. That was a very unique experience since I didn’t have a big studio set up that I could put to use. It was a completely different style from my career. The crew that worked on the episodes were very supportive and very professional so I knew I was on the right track.

Do you think people are getting more creative because of this move to online editing?

Yes, I think it’s definitely changing the way people think about the editing process. The production process has always been slow, and I think now you can do a lot more in the editing room and get the story right first time instead of having to rely on an artist to fix everything. Also, being able to upload the finished product immediately allows other people to see it, and potentially to learn from it since they haven’t seen an edited version for a long time. And lastly, people don’t really have to be in the same place to see the work, which helps the process to be faster. I really like the ability to use it at all from the comfort of your home, with just some cameras and my laptop.

Why did you pick Premiere over Premiere Pro?

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