What are the elements of editing?

1. Are we creating an ideal situation, where we can be completely comfortable, without feeling like we are getting nowhere?

2. Are we not going for something more interesting?

3. Where is the payoff for what we set out to do, and is it going to be worth the effort?

4. Do we need to edit to get to where we want to be, but where can we still push our editing capabilities?

1. We may be editing because we really love doing it. (Or we are editing to have fun.)

2. Sometimes, we may feel like we have achieved a certain level of perfection. (Usually.)

3. We may find we have been editing a great amount of material over the past year or so. (Often.)

4. We may find we have been editing well for about the last 10 years or more.

The first three points are easy to say, but can often seem to be things you don’t realize.

3. Creating a Good Situation.

The second three points don’t have the same sense of fulfillment for editors.

1. In most editing situations, a good situation means a situation where one is comfortable with the amount of work that has taken Place.

2. The result, when it occurs, is a result we are happy with.

3. There can be a great deal that goes into creating a good situation.

There are many good ways to create a good situation for you. The three key points have been mentioned, but many editors go about their day in the world with what seemed to be a bad situation. (We also tend to feel that way too.)

For example, some editors make it difficult on themselves by constantly checking their inbox first thing in the morning.
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(In fact, some of them, while still maintaining a great sense of accomplishment, check their email in the middle of the day!) The result? They can be more focused and productive.

On the other hand, others seem to find ways to put on that happy face even when their focus is being cut, e.g., by making the bed and getting dressed. (Most of these guys are still making a lot of money and are in no hurry to quit.)

It takes more effort to make the bed. What about the other things I mentioned? We don’t seem to feel the result we are after as much; it seems like there is something more