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I’m going to divide my list of elements into three categories. First, elements that make editing a lot easier, such as the tools for creating an edited image using a tool like Adobe Photoshop. Secondly, I’ve listed tools that would enhance the editing experience. Thirdly, tools I feel could be useful in the future that, at the moment, are not here yet.

Easy to use editing tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3

Let’s go over what these five tools are:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is what everyone should use for any image editing needs, from simple lighten-darken to more complex and detailed editing.

Adobe Photoshop is here because people have been asking for its support for a long time with the Mac. A program with a built-in palette, which makes it easy to create an edit within a few taps. It’s the perfect tool for creating edits that don’t require complex color adjustments or advanced blending tools. What are you waiting for?

It’s a lot easier than it looks.


Lighten-darken is my favorite tool in the kit of tools I use during the week. It works amazingly for adding colors, blending images, reducing contrast, enhancing shadows, and adjusting the level of contrast in your final image.

Photoshop Lighten-Darken.

Lighten -Darken offers two ways to tweak contrast. First, add some color to your image by modifying the layer mask in the Edit menu. Alternatively, use the layer to blend two images together, creating something that’s essentially an animated background to your image. The results are very satisfying. For example, it looks like the red leaves that fill the picture were removed before my edits.

If you want to do more complex post-processing, you can use it to add a white balance or tint to your file.


Photoshop is where most users start when they need to create new edits to their image. It has a huge library of tools; each one is worth a look or two. For most people, Photoshop is where all their edits are saved. Once you’re familiar with it, you can easily adapt it to suit different needs and projects. When I work on a document that isn’t entirely a photoshop image, I will always revert all my edits back to the original source file.

Photoshop Image and Clip Layer

Image and Clip Layer is my go-

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