What are the basics of image editing? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Bangladeshi Magi

The main components of an image editing program are:

Saturation (saturation)

Color balance (color balance)

Gamma correction (brightness and contrast)

Blur effect (focus, contrast, etc.)

Color filter effects (“tint”)



Saturation (saturation)

How does sRGB work?

Saturation is the difference between two colors. It is caused by the chemical reactions happening in the photo, and is measured in “tones.” It’s easiest to think of it as the amount of light between two colors.

To put this slightly in perspective, you might understand sRGB in terms of the color temperature of something like a computer monitor. RGB is the most commonly used color profile, and it typically specifies the values between 1.0 and 25.0, the temperature of a pure hue. To find a color’s color temperature, multiply the color’s relative brightness by the sRGB scale. For example, a black-and-white image with a saturation of 100% and a luminance of 50% would have a color temperature of 1.0, meaning the temperature is 100% of the reference temperature.

What are sRGB profiles?

Saturation is the relative brightness that appears on a display. To achieve these extremes, several color profiles were created for the RGB system to allow for the “tweaking” that some people prefer. These color profiles aren’t available because, in the case of sRGB, there are only two systems for producing color, one being RGB and the other being CMYK. Technically, CMYK would be “black-and-white” only, since, although a very useful color space, it’s not designed to reproduce what a computer display sees on a monitor.

An example of a sRGB profile would be Adobe Photoshop CS5. It shows the red, green, and blue components of a color. This is only a way to see the individual colors in the color spectrum, so it won’t give the true colors of anything in the image. What they do is create these color spaces at a granularity between 1.0 and a shade of gray called a base. A base is used to define the range of shades of gray that a color space is capable of. In Photoshop CS5, the base was set to “500 to 10,000.” (If you want to see all the colors that Photoshop can display

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