What are the basics of image editing? – Learn Photo Editing Login Hotmail Inbox

You should be able to:

Create a decent image by using a camera and software like Photoshop.

Set up your images as you see fit and select all the tools you would like to use.

Adjust and delete unwanted parts of your images, e.g. adding colours, making text outlines and the like.

Add additional borders to images that do not already have borders.

Add or remove effects, like shadows and filters.

Select all elements and apply them like other elements can do.

Create new content to enhance and build.

The first step is actually quite simple. All you need to do is a bit of experimentation to get you started. The following sections introduce the different options available depending on how you want to go about your editing.

Image editing with Photoshop

Most Photoshop beginners probably think that the standard of the program is too basic. However, if you want to take your work to the next level with a bit of Photoshop skills, then the following sections will give you an introduction to the basic editing methods that will make your job much easier and more effective. We will discuss some of the basic tools for creating a good edit image.

Photoshop image previews

Photoshop image previews are useful for creating a simple and clear image, but they are very poor in their application. They are very small and do not give you the flexibility of an undo/redo function. Some image editing tools such as Photoshop’s Paint tool are better than a preview as they’re much more versatile.

To create an image preview, go to the Insert > Image tool option in the Tools panel.

Commercial Portrait Editing Photoshop Tutorial
Figure 1. An image preview

In the Image panel, click the Insert > Image tool.

Figure 2. An image preview

In the Insert > Image dialog box, enter the file name of the image you want to create and click Create to begin the creation process on this image. Your image preview should also appear in Finder. You can use this tool to check your image before you send it off to the printer.

Image editing with the free Photoshop app

You can download an excellent image editing app for PC from the Mac Store for just £1.99. The Photoshop app is relatively simple to learn and provides a great set of tools for creating and applying image editors.

The app is the perfect choice for any young artists in need of a great image editing application. It provides a number of pre-loaded image

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