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I started out with a blank page (as an example), and I didn’t even know where to start. For starters, I was looking for a good name, so I went back to the dictionary and checked a couple of entries. That was followed by:

Finding the idea of the title — “Why the word ‘snowman’ is so wrong.” How to use the words “snowman,” “snowmen,” or “Snowman” correctly and well in the story.

Looking over the dictionary definitions in the hopes of finding a similar word — something like “Snow Man.” I couldn’t find one, so I thought the title would be the one I chose. Then looking through the dictionaries at the library, I found that there was another “snowman,” and so I chose that.
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For the next step, I started to think about “Stonemith,” the character in the story. My first thought was to write it as “snowman” or “snowmaness,” because that would have been the most easily identifiable. Then I searched in a bookshop for “snowman,” and then thought about “Stonemith,” which sounded better than “Snowmoman.”

The last step was figuring out whether the writing was going to be hard, or easy, or if it was “easy” to say “snowman or snowman.”

At this point, I’m almost ready to write the story. Usually, after this step, I’m surprised that it’s difficult to say “snowman” because it doesn’t have a particularly strong word in it. I’ll go over the words one at a time, and see if I can find something that will work well for the story.

Then I’ll look at this definition, and see if it was anything that looked familiar. I can usually guess the first word that pops out. Sometimes I’ll think, “What about this one sounds like my word?” Sometimes I’ll think, “Why are there so many words that sound like this?”

I’ll go back and re-read the description of the character in the book. Maybe there’s a better word or two that I’m missing. I’ve gotten through many a text book, and many a dictionary, so I have a pretty good idea how to make a sentence and a paragraph.

Once I’ve put a list together, I’ll edit it as needed. Usually, I try

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