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The writing process can go well beyond the first draft, even in the case of small novels, a novel has a story. And in the end, everyone has to write something. The process will be like a long, slow, boring journey or a long, painful physical injury. The process will include a lot of patience, effort, and love and support from your team. Even a good and loving partner can’t make everything okay.

Step 1: A draft will be your favorite draft

The first draft is the favorite, for now. As I said at the start, your favorite draft is a draft you wrote. Write it, in whatever way feels right during the writing, whether that is a draft you wrote from the first page to the last page, or your favorite draft will become the final draft that you will see to the end. If all of your writing doesn’t fit into the first draft, don’t worry, the process will let you know if it’s necessary to finish it. If it is, it will go to an editor or proofreader who will edit it and proofread it. (But before doing that, a few rules have to be set.)
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When you are done with the first draft, you won’t be happy with it anymore. But you are definitely going to keep writing with this draft, and that is okay. You will never have a second draft. If you do, that’s great. Your second draft may look great, but it still contains the defects you didn’t eliminate when you had finished the first draft. What was your original plan? It will be your second draft, which will have many of the same defects you saw in the first.

Step 2: Check your grammar and spelling

A couple of years of working with my own words have taught me how important it is to check everything I write. When I am done with the first draft, I will make sure that the grammar and spelling is correct, and I will also make sure that any errors were unintentional. A good editor will get to the bottom of errors or inconsistencies that might not have occurred to you had they been noticed at the beginning.

For example, if a character has a word that has two or more vowels or consonants or a word starts with a lowercase letter, you will have to correct it. Sometimes you can’t use the most commonly used vowels or consonants or you may miss a lowercase and a umlaut, or a lowercase and a

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