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Lil Wayne has released a music video for “My Body” featuring Drake, Meek Mill, Young Thug and Pharrell Williams. A rep for the rapper tells Rolling Stone that “The video shows the artist growing and evolving towards the release of his first album…a message for his fellow artists who want to give back to the people that have helped them to become success. To honor [Lil Wayne] we have released two new mixtapes, and the first one is based off of the video with new music that’s exclusive to this site.”

In a recent interview with XXL, Wayne said that he wanted to make a solo album because he wanted to “turn my career around.” In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Wayne said that he wanted to make a solo album because he wanted to “turn my career around.” “Well at this point, I’m trying to be the next J. Cole. I feel like that is the next jump in my career. That was the original goal. I’m doing good, I see the writing on the wall, and I’m just trying to make sure I make it right for myself,” Wayne said. Wayne continued, “I don’t have any desire to put out a single so I’m going to wait on doing the album. I’m not ready to do that yet.”

When asked where the story behind the video was, Wayne said that he had to keep a certain aspect of his family in the picture. “My brother is the one that helped me and that I’m still close with,” that is why, for example, there’s a song on there called ‘The Way I’m Not.’ It’s a song called ‘The Way I Love, No, I Love. Love My Brother.’ That’s in the song,” he said. “You know you’re going to get a little piece in a video.”

Wayne first dropped “My Body” during the “Criminal” tour in 2011.

The “My Body” video was inspired by the 2013 murder of Wayne’s father, James Wayne, the father of his aunt and uncle, the Wades. “It came about as I was looking at the news about his death, it struck me that if anyone could, it would be somebody close to me. You know I just want to honor him and his spirit. I feel like I’m the next step because I’ve learned a lot from him,” Wayne said in 2011.

Meek Mill contributed a verse to the clip