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A good question!

I’ll try and answer it in this blogpost. There’s not that much you can do about it, really, but you should know which programs are really available on OS X.

Note also – I’ve been told that there is a workaround for using Photoshop CS2 on older hardware but I haven’t yet checked this out. Please read my FAQ section if you find out more.

How do I install Photoshop CS2 on Mac OS X?

The only way to install Photoshop CS2 is to download the installer from the Mac App Store that’s included in you installation package. You can also use the command line tools. If you just want the latest version installed you can also do it the same way, but please read the FAQ below on what’s in this latest release.

How do I know how to use these programs?

First of all – don’t use these programs on your own computers, you use them with my advice.

How can I use these programs securely?

You should use this free online password manager that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux (I actually use it for Mac and Linux). The password managers feature the latest encryption and hashing algorithms so you don’t have to worry about messing them or your data.

How can I use these programs securely?

For security I highly recommend a cloud provider (like I use for my own servers), the provider has all your personal files automatically backed up and can’t be accessed remotely.

How can I get rid of my old software?

In order to remove your old software you need to know how to copy your files to the new version. So there’s two ways – you can either copy your existing files or you could move your entire collection of files to a new folder and then delete it. I don’t recommend either way because you may hurt your system more.

The alternative is to use software like DropBox but it can be very expensive if you need more of it or if you’re using it on several computers. Also they don’t keep your data safe any longer, even if you take down their server.

How can I make my Mac OS X computer run faster and run smoother?

There are various ways to make your Mac OS X computer run faster and run quieter. You want to make sure that your computer and RAM are well configured. There’re two ways to do this – you can update your operating system or you can install a

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