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Adobe Photoshop Raster (based on the Photoshop Standard) and Adobe Photoshop vector based (raster based on the Raster tool on Photoshop CS6) are Photoshop vector based applications. It’s all about the raster. The files are created by using a file system as a container, then it’s just a matter of placing a data structure on top of that. If you need to get a file of a certain size, just use that file system as a raster and copy it to your file system. If you need to get a specific texture, you can copy it by specifying the data structure so the texture is in the raster file and you have the texture that way. But if you want to use a texture that uses a palette of colors, you have to specify that before you copy it. That’s the raster. That’s what you see when it’s raster based. If you want to get a certain size of a file, just do that, then put the raster file there. But if you’re copying the textures, you may have to do the data manipulation before you do the texture.

You can also have more than one (type of) file in a raster file. For instance, a file with an image and one with text, then one with different sized images of the same image (textured). You can have multiple rasters of this file because all you see are colors, textures and other information in the raster file. For Photoshop you can only be a single raster and the data structures are the same as the Photoshop file.

Why is Photoshop raster based?

The raster tool is useful because it can handle lots of different sizes for one file, so you don’t have to convert between different file formats for that file. For instance, when you load a file to you work computer, Photoshop takes a copy of that file’s data structure and the type of file and rasterizes that using that.

You don’t have to change the colors or the textures any more, which means you can do any sort of editing you want on the data structure by specifying it before you copy it. And it’s all raster based which means if there are problems, you can always get your data back from Photoshop.

Why do you use that raster type of approach?

When you have lots of different files, like when you have many types of files or graphics. If you have a file of a certain size in r

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