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For many, I doubt the answer is “no.” Yes, many third-party applications use the full Photoshop interface for some tasks, and it’s possible to open these applications through “free” solutions. Still, I’m still getting into this Photoshop-y stuff pretty deep, and it takes a lot for me to jump from using Photoshop to using the free software.

What’s your Photoshop experience? For a lot of my work, I use Lightroom 4 and DaVinci Resolve. (My workflow is a little different – I use a lot of third-party applications.)

Image credits:

(1) Image: Pixabay via Pixabay

(2) The image in all of the pictures I’m showing today was created from scratch by clicking one of the images. In the image used, the background has been “stitched” in Photoshop.

(3) These were used in several other articles/podcasts/blog posts:

(4) This image has also been used as a backdrop for the image used in this one, as well as in a lot of my other work.

(5) Most recently, I’ve used this image on an image I made recently to make a cover illustration for a book I’m doing.

(6) This image has also been used to make an illustration for a book I’m doing as well.

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I would love to hear your thoughts about the Photoshop-Free Windows blog, or if you have any questions about using the software other than what I have listed here. Just send me an email and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Update: I was able to post this article today after some great discussion on Twitter. Thank you all!

With the NHL draft a week away, an update on the draft bubble, and a deeper look at the prospects that will be in a better position after the NHL draft, the Ottawa Senators team profile takes a look at a few forwards they’ll be drafting this month.

Here they are:

Ryan Dzingel, Defence, Boston University (NCAA)

Dzingel is the type of player that doesn’t take a year to figure out where he wants to be or what role he wants to play, and when the time comes, he has a solid all-around game that works well against both offensive players and defensive players. Dzingel scored 13 goals and had 29 assists for 34 points with a plus

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