Is Lightroom Classic going away? – Basic Image Editing Operations

No, but we will continue to support Lightroom Classic. We’ve also been planning improvements to Lightroom CC.

Where can I buy a new set of software/products/services from you?

In the US, please go to the Lightroom Support Center at

Where else can I get Lightroom? Other software systems

All the programs you buy on this site are available through your preferred service provider or vendor. Some of those services are also listed on Adobe’s Web site at – please check whether that service is available at your site, if not, ask a staff member if they would know.

If not, then email the support center at with your questions.

Can I use your Lightroom software?

Yes. We have tested it with a number of professional portfolios. But not all are compatible, and others might not function smoothly without some modifications. Please check with your service provider if you want Lightroom to be more than just a program.

After my mother died in her sleep a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the things I should say to her and her daughters before I actually go, because that’s all I’m really good at.

So, I’m looking at the new issue of The Atlantic that’s on newsstands now, and I see a few passages that struck me a bit, and I thought, “Ooh: this could be interesting.” I thought about the book from the moment it arrived, that I was reading at a family gathering, and how I’m supposed to handle all of these things. This stuff needs to be taken seriously.


But let’s keep reading.

First, here’s the piece from a year ago: “The Dark Hand” (read it in full here, but please read the first line with a pinch of salt):

This is what I mean about taking things just as seriously now as I did then. And it’s what I should do every time I meet a reporter. Because it takes courage to do the real work: listening to the people you follow, and not just to get their stories, but to ask the right questions about the things you’re not supposed to talk about. In the ’90s, the media played to the political right’s hysteria; they played to the fear the country’s minorities faced and the

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