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I think so.

(As of August 12 2014, only the core of Krita 1.6rc1 has been released. Krita 1.6.18 does not include a proper UI. On May 11 2014, Krita developers announced that they’d be postponing the release of the core of the core of Krita for the next 2-3 months and then start on fixing the UI again.)
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To give a better idea regarding the technical aspects, first, the Krita core is a collection of more than 30 separate modules. The Krita core consists of three main parts: a core, a collection and a base. The core is the main part of Krita. It contains the code and files that are needed for the development of Krita, and it also contains the Krita tools, like the UI, which are required for the development of the Krita community. The collection contains the code used for various various things in Krita. They are:,,,,, and The base module is the one in which all other modules are contained. It is the first thing the user runs to have access to the Krita engine. There are several different base modules depending on the features of a given feature. Some of these base modules are very large and involve more things than just the Krita software itself. They are: – a collection of various related libraries; the base modules – the only thing you will ever need to be familiar with to build Krita; you can use it to compile Krita and it will get you compiled with some very common libraries – mostly used to build the basic interface to the Krita engine – usually not needed because it will build all of your dependencies for building Krita – the only thing that actually makes Krita useful. It is used to

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