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I am not a graphic designer/artist so I don’t know if the use of Photoshop or gimp would be appropriate for the job. However, I do know that a good Photoshop user knows the difference between photoshop and gimp. I think that I could tell gimp from my computer.

How many people have your done this kind of thing (i.e. computer screen)?

No. I have done computer screen-shots and also I have used two programs, XnView and Adobe Photoshop. I have gotten used to the process. You’re really just printing on paper.

Why do you use Photoshop?

I use Photoshop so I can use all of Photoshop. If I wanted to use Adobe Photoshop, I would have to change my Photoshop settings. Plus, there is a lot of information on Photoshop. I don’t like not knowing how my photos will look after I take them. There is no way I am going to use photoshop if it makes my photo look like crap.

Basic Photo Editing Tips for Beginning Photographers
Why didn’t you come out here and tell me how you did it?

I can’t find any explanation why the “No Dividends” rule appears only once in the law of states, in the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st Amendments – not sure if that makes sense but could be related to the fact that only one of the amendments was ratified before the Civil War… and it wasn’t to the Civil War amendment which stated that States could not raise money for the purpose of supporting local governments. I think that might explain some of it though…

“It is the sense of the Senate that the first article of amendment to this Constitution, that there shall be no religion in the United States, shall not be construed to prevent the enactment by any State of laws respecting an establishment of religion, or disestablishment of religion, or denial of the right of property in the private capacity of the citizen of the United States of being free from the burdens or taxes imposed upon his neighbors by reason of the race or color of his person or by reason of his residence within such State…” [The Senate of the Republic of the Confederacy Dec. 6, 1863, A Proclamation Delivered by the Presiding Officer of the Senate in the Presence of the Chief Executive and Members of the Senate: In Witness Whereof The Senate has Declared, and the President (H.J.Res. 5) has Read. (p. 3.)]

The US Constitution

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