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Is it okay to delete photos that aren’t your own?”

The answer, it turns out, is a resounding yes, and a lot of it is up to your audience or employer to determine. You also need to watch what you say and do online. This is important because, on the whole, the online environment of online media is one of collaboration, and as we’ve all heard by now, what people say online can set their reputation.

The best advice I can give you, in particular for online media is to take on the role of a teacher. Not a bad idea because as you can imagine, it’s tough to teach a student how to edit, especially when that student doesn’t have the skills to even do basic research.

You’re going to need to set boundaries around certain types of content, and you can use these to shape your own tone and content, but at the end of the day, you’re going to be bound by your own audience’s expectations. Just remember that when it comes to online media, what’s on the Internet is not what the world is really going to be like.

If there’s one lesson I can teach you, it’s to get some perspective on who you’re dealing with on the Internet. People can be a little bit overanalytical about things. When I first started editing, I’d hear people say, “Well, she is a photographer, it’s hard for me to watch her work because I haven’t seen the other parts of her life,” or “Wow, he’s so nice, he doesn’t like me,” all these types of things.

I remember going in on the last episode of an Emmy-winning show, who’d taken the show’s photo director, an incredible photographer, on a three-hour day to capture a moment in her life, and she was having so much fun, she ended up being unable to finish the shoot.

Her manager said, “You should tell her to stop. She is not what she’s going for,” which he didn’t necessarily mean figuratively, but it was a pretty pointed comment. In the end, she couldn’t get any work done.

You have to understand that whatever content you create online, if it’s made by one of these people—let’s say, a magazine—it’s only going to be viewed by that audience. The rest of us can sit at home and enjoy them, or we can go watch them on the Internet.

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